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Apex Self Defence Classes Adelaide

Welcome to Apex Self Defence

Krav Maga and Self Defence training in Adelaide and Sydney

Apex Self Defence offers a comprehensive approach to violence prevention to reduce the risk of harm for individuals across Australia.

What Do We Offer?

Our customised self defence courses and classes include:

  • Boxing, Muay Thai, striking and sparring
  • Krav Maga
  • Chokes, holds, and restraints
  • Wrestling, grappling and BJJ
  • Weapons defence
  • Multiple attackers
  • Third party protection and security work
  • Fitness and conditioning
  • Travel crash courses

We offer one-on-one and group self defence courses at locations in Adelaide and Sydney to help individuals improve and accelerate skill development.

There is no prerequisite level of training or fitness required to start, and our mission is to help everyone improve their ability to defend themselves while creating a compelling and fun environment that also improves fitness levels. With an array of techniques from different disciplines, our self defence courses prepare individuals for any real-life situations.

Classes are on at Denise Norton Park every week, come try your first class free!

Workshops are back on, stay tuned for announcements.

We are running one on one training at Adelaide and Sydney based locations. Sessions are 1 hour and allow there to be much more focus on improvement and can help accelerate skill development.

Group and Corporate Training

If you have a group to organise training with, we can run sessions either on or off-site. Have a group that you would like to organise training with? We cater to programs for friends, families, small groups, or corporate events.

Women’s Self Defence Classes in Adelaide and Sydney for Personal Safety.

Fun and Entertaining Self Defence Classes for Kids in Adelaide and Sydney.

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