Similar to private training, if you have a group that wants to organise their own time for training separate from the classes and workshops, group bookings are an option. It can be a single training session or we can organise a consistent training program for your group. This can extend to being open to school groups and can be organised as a session at a location that may be more convenient for you.

Corporate staff and security training can also be provided, and depending on facilities we can come to deliver sessions at your workplace. There can be separated sessions for staff and security if needed, as staff would be more concerned with avoidance and personal protection, whereas security would have to focus on engagement and possible control and restraint. As these are organised outside of scheduled classes, the length of the sessions can also be flexible to your needs.

Corporate Self-Defence Training

In addition to offering private self-defence training, we also provide group training for corporate individuals. We are able to run sessions for groups of people at our indoor gym, or at outdoor locations. Whether it be a single training session or a consistent training program, we can accommodate all your needs. Depending on the facilities available at your workplace, we can come to you for on-site training. Our primary focus is to deliver sessions for staff and individuals focusing on de-escalation, disengagement, and response to threats. We are also able to deliver training to security teams which encompass not only our civilian syllabus, but also include engagement, control, and restraint.

Group and Corporate Training in Apex Self Defence