Apex Self Defence Classes Sydney

Fun and Entertaining Self Defence Classes for Kids in Sydney and Adelaide

Is your child being bullied at school? Looking for a fun and effective way to get your child more active? Worrying about how to focus your child’s energy and teach self-control? Wondering how to teach them to stand up for themselves? Apex Self Defence is the right solution for all your worries.

At Apex Self Defence we offer fun and energetic self-defence classes for kids to get them to focus on their abilities, develop new skills, and get them moving. We instil self-defence skills and confidence at a very young age to help them stand on their own.

We focus on building self-esteem and improving self-confidence to allow them to stay active and focused. It helps them to avoid any possible dangers and threatening situations they face in their life. With years of experience teaching kids of all ages, we at Apex Self Defence know that involving your children in self defence training is a great way to unlock their confidence and ability to stand up for themselves.

A recent research report by the Australian Federal Government shows that one in four school children in Australia are victims of bullying. It also states children who are bullied are three times more likely to show symptoms of depression. Bullying is not ‘a normal part of growing up’, it can be damaging and have a long term impact on their self-development and confidence levels.

The report also indicates that bullies often target:

  • Small and young kids who cannot defend themselves
  • Students who react and get upset quickly
  • Kids who are socially anxious
  • Kids who are not active in sports

Self-defence for children taught at Apex Self Defence permeates throughout their daily lives and imparts to them to stand up for themselves against any violence.

Help your children learn defence skills and stay active. Contact us now!