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Krav Maga Training in Sydney and Adelaide – Reality-based Self-Defence and Fitness

Are you searching for a powerful, practical, and effective martial art to hone your self-defence skills? Krav Maga is the right choice! It is the most practical self defence system that improves your physical and mental strength. It increases your self-esteem, confidence, and sense of safety while reducing anxiety and fear. Krav Maga classes help you gain control and be capable of defending yourself.

If fitness is your priority, Krav Maga training can get you in shape and increase your strength, speed, and stamina. The process of drilling and conditioning involved in Krav Maga self-defence training is also an intense workout. All the aspects involved, whether it be the striking, techniques, or movements associated with Krav Maga will help build on your physical fitness levels.

At Apex Self Defence, we stay true to the core principles of Krav Maga to help you get a real and authentic experience that strengthens your mind and body. Our training lessons are reviewed and updated to ensure you learn the most relevant self-defence topics based on real-world scenarios.

We help you learn Krav Maga in a historically focused method to help you move, fight, and survive any real-life threats, weapon attacks, and more. There is no better feeling than having peace of mind and being confident in your ability to protect yourself. We help give you the authentic Krav Maga experience to remain confident and enhance knowledge and skills that help you protect yourself and others from any threats.

Roen, the Director and Head Instructor at Apex Self Defence has been trained in Krav Maga under Krav Maga International (KMI) with Chief Commander and Head Instructors for the Israeli Defence Forces, Ran Nakash and Itay Dannenberg.

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Altercations typically start with someone throwing a punch, so learning how to defend both your head and body and performing counter strikes swiftly and decisively are important skills to develop and integrate into any effective self defence system. Comprehensive self defence training programs must incorporate forms of established combatives such as boxing. After all, it’s a bit too late if the first time a punch is thrown your way is during an altercation. Even though it’s critical that you know how to strike effectively, your defence also needs to be pressure-tested as well, which is where sparring comes into play. Sparring is done in a controlled, but stressful training environment, so it is a suitable place to test your reflexes and defences. When done safely, sparring is an element of training that is vital in your preparation for any real-life situation. 

Attackers are commonly split into two types of categories -those that initiate with striking, or those that employ the use of chokes, holds, and/or grappling. Statistics show that the majority of homicides involve either a family member, friend, or acquaintance, and because of the intimate nature of these attacks there is usually little premeditation, so without having weapons nearby, they tend to rely on their hands. The victim is often caught by surprise with their guard down, and particularly with chokes, the difference between life and death can come down to knowing how to defend yourself within one or two seconds. Being able to react quickly and effectively is key to surviving these attacks, which comes down to being equipped with the correct techniques that are embedded in one’s muscle memory through consistent training.

Research reveals that most homicides and attacks that occur in Sydney (and throughout Australia) involve weapons, which tend to be knives or sticks. Learning the difference between closing range and making range, and when to use each and how, is an important factor in surviving an attack involving a weapon. When dealing with knives, they can be concealed until the second before they are used, so reading body language, assessing threats, and knowing indicators before an attack is just as important as the defence techniques after an attack has started.

A key aspect of assaults that occur on the street is that they tend to escalate quickly and can turn into a multiple attacker situation. With predatory violence, there is always safety in numbers and this applies to attackers as well, as they can often gain confidence if they have support from other people to perpetrate an attack. Proper training in respect of movement, avoidance, initiation, and escape makes all the difference in surviving multiple attackers which could otherwise have devastating effects. Risk of serious injury increases as time passes, so it is absolutely critical to secure an advantage and escape as soon as possible under these dire circumstances.

If you are travelling to an at-risk area, or even if you feel like you need to just develop some basics of self defence training before travelling, we can create a program to cover as much material as we can before your departure. Consistent training over a long period is always the best approach to training, but if you are pressed for time, a crash course can at least provide you with some fundamentals to ensure you are safer while travelling. This can be a single session, but ideally would be multiple sessions that would allow you to cover as much relevant material as possible. Depending on your destination, certain techniques are more important to cover than others, as we will always look at the endemic threats that are most commonly faced in that region and focus on those first, and work outwards from there. 

We recommend you take a look at the Australian Government website, which provides regular updates, information, and advice on safety while travelling. You can search by destination to see what the government’s official recommendations are in respect of that region. https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/

Having the ability to defend yourself in an assault or attack is the primary goal of training at Apex Self Defence. As we become more skilled and confident in our abilities, these skills can be used in other important aspects of self defence, the protection of others. Whether it be our friends, family or loved ones, or even strangers, at Apex Self Defence we believe that if we can help those in need, then we should and will.

Awareness, movement, and techniques to shield or prevent harm to others are important areas to develop in a self defence program. During an attack or assault, people without any prior training can go into shock or be non-responsive, and effective protection of a third party needs to be a trained reflex. Whether you’re acting in your capacity as an upstanding civilian, representing the military or police, or in any other security capacity, we got you covered when it comes to keeping others safe from harm.

Along with any martial art or self defence training and techniques, there is always a physical aspect. Through consistent training, your health will benefit no doubt, and you will also find your fitness and conditioning will naturally improve. Most self defence situations need you to react quickly and explosively, so any type of High-Intensity Training always assists in the development of your skill level, but increases in static strength and endurance are also important. If fitness or conditioning is an aspect you feel you want to or need to improve, or shift your focus on, we can certainly develop training programs that emphasise fitness that will help build your strength, speed, and cardiovascular endurance.