Apex Self Defence Classes Sydney and Adelaide

Women’s Self Defence Classes in Sydney and Adelaide for Personal Safety

On average, one woman per week dies in Australia due to Domestic Violence, many hundreds per week will be hospitalised and many made homeless. According to reports, 50% of women in Australia face domestic or sexual violence at some point in their life.

Today, many women are feeling a sense of fear and lack of security in their home, at work, or even while walking on the streets. They are the main target of random or opportunistic attacks. Apex Self Defence pledges to break this cycle and offer women self-defence classes and workshops to teach women practical skills that protect them from violence.

Our self-defence classes for women are created to teach the necessary skills based on practical and modern-day self-defence. We utilise bio-mechanics to generate the most power and speed possible in our techniques. With our self-defence classes for girls, you can use the element of surprise to turn the tables on a would-be attacker.

At Apex Self Defence, we will give you the power to fight back and take control of your life. We equip you with the necessary skills and a mix of fighting techniques to defend and resist attacks. Statistically attackers tend to target those that appear smaller or weaker. Our self-defence classes focus on developing moves that tie in with our natural instincts, and integrate with realistic techniques that help you in effectively handling stronger and larger opponents.

We help you in,

  • Developing confidence and the right skills
  • Building physical and mental strength
  • Gaining awareness and defending against multiple attackers

Our self-defence classes for women are suitable for every woman regardless of any age or fitness level.

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