Apex Self Defence Classes Sydney

Self-Defence Workshop for Kids, Teens, and Adults

With professional mixed martial arts gaining popularity, and an increase of violence in recent times, there is a great need for people to learn the necessary skills to ward off potential attackers. Apex Self Defence provides self-defence programs to help people develop skills that protect them against any type of violence. We also offer self-defence workshops that provide you with the knowledge to feel safe and confident. We help hone your instincts to identify risks and become aware of potential dangers based on real-life events. Our trainers help you to become more assertive, boost your self-confidence, improve personal development and increase your health awareness. The goals of our self-defence workshops are,

  • Identify, prevent, and defuse dangerous situations
  • Apply effective techniques for self-defence
  • Improve quality of life, health, and freedom
  • Assist in creating a safe and secure environment
  • Develop defensive behaviour at all times

We cover everything from Krav Maga, boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ and more. We design self-defence classes with safety in mind, to empower you and change your outlook on life.

If fitness is a significant concern, participating in our self-defence workshops help you to learn some exclusive self-defence techniques that help you stay fit and active. It allows you to take control of real-life attacks and threatening scenarios.